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Why Reiki and Healthy Living Are Inseparable

Ask anyone who has heard about Reiki to use one phrase to describe it. Chances are, they’ll mention a process to heal an existing condition a bit out of balance. This natural healing art has worldwide recipients who have experienced first-hand how it directs energy to the recipient to help restore balance and potentially assist in healing physical and emotional problems.

However, Reiki is also a tool for maintaining a healthy state once attained. Reiki and healthy living are inseparable when it comes to wellness. There are at least five ways in which Reiki is important in self-care and staying healthy.

5 Ways Reiki is Part of

Healthy Living

Reiki and healthy living are intertwined through these five Reiki attributes:

  1. Relieves stress. A healthy life has minimal stress. This negative element causes dozens of medical problems such as hypertension, cardiac issues, and kidney disease.

  2. Improves sleep. A calm frame of mind is important for a good night’s sleep. The result is improved mental alertness and fewer aches and pains.

  3. Creates a positive mental outlook. The soothing environment and gentle, non-invasive touch associated with Reiki sets the stage for a relaxing experience open to positive life possibilities. The darker side of problems like the loss of a job fade. Acknowledging alternatives becomes easier.

  4. Stimulates the immune system. The immune system is constantly under attack by allergies, cancers, infectious diseases, and other disorders. Reiki provides fresh supplies of vital life energy to boost immunity naturally and help maintain health.

  5. Fosters living in the present. Reiki allows recipients to push aside looming things over which they have no control and focus on the present. This leads to creative problem solving.

How Reiki Works

Reiki and Healthy Living

The word Reiki comes from two Japanese words. Rei refers to the universal higher intelligence in things animate and inanimate. Ki is non-physical energy that lends animation to all living things. When the level is high and free flowing, a person is confident and healthy.

Reiki energy can be transmitted from the practitioner to the recipient through a light touch, hands above the body, or through self-treatment sessions. The energy transmitted corrects Ki flow restrictions and works directly in the unconscious parts of the mind and body, restoring the proper flow.

The regular practice of Reiki is essential for optimal health. Did you know that just five minutes a day can provide lasting self-care benefits?

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